Every Sunday afternoon we run farm tours at our goat dairy. While on a tour you can pat and feed a baby goat, milk a goat by hand, watch a cheese making demonstration, learn all about goats, and taste some of our delicious gelato and cheese. Our tours start at 1:00pm & 2:30pm and go for around an hour. They are a fantastic family event for all ages, including small children.

Gates open at 12:45pm

Eftpos is available at the farm for you to buy our goat milk products.

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We are a family run business based in the north of the Scenic Rim of Queensland, Australia. All stages of production happen on our farm. From milking, to manufacturing, to packaging.

We started using goat's milk after we discovered that it has many benefits. Studies have shown that goat's milk is absorbed by the body much faster than cow's milk. People who suffer headaches, an upset stomach, or produce phlegm after consuming cow's milk can usually have goat's milk with no adverse effects. Although goat's milk is not lactose free, it is what we like to call 'lactose friendly.'

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Currently we have over seventy adult goats and forty kids. Every day — just after sunrise — we start our day on the farm by milking our goats. All of our female goats go through the dairy every morning, no matter how old they are. This means that when our goats start producing milk they are used to going in to the dairy and going in to the bails for a feed of grain. During the day our goats are free to roam our paddocks and enjoy the green grass. Goats enjoy a variety of food so we also give them vegetables and fruits that are from local growers. The goats will eat tomatoes, capsicum, pumpkin, carrots, celery, mangoes, and watermelon. They really love watermelon, you just have to break it open for them. If required we will also milk our goats in the afternoon as we can increase production of milk this way. The goats are very happy to get a second feed of grain as well.

We also have half a dozen dorper sheep on the farm as they like to eat some of the weeds that goats will not eat — in particular fire weed which is poisonous to cattle and horses. We use the Italian dog breed 'Maremma' to protect our goats from foxes and wild dogs. We have not lost any goats to predators due to the maremmas.