Farm Tours

Baby goat jumping over a blue barrel

We run farm tours every Sunday at 1:05pm, 2:15pm and 3:25pm. On one of our tours you will get to pat and feed our kids, milk a goat by hand, … Read More

Where To Buy

Black haired girl smilingly talking to her friend after tasting the gelato - 1280 × 854

Here is the list of places where you can purchase our gelati. If these outlets are too far away from you, let us know where you would like to be … Read More

We have accreditation!

Chips with gelato toppings

After a lengthy application process, we have been awarded accreditation to produce milk (our dairy) and to process milk (our factory). The dairy industry in Australia is regulated by the … Read More

Classic Flavour

Naughty Little Kids chocolate flavoured gelato (without lighting) - 3000 × 2000

Stick With The Classics We decided to go with five classic flavours for the launch of our goat’s milk gelato. Our aim was to create flavours that people will love … Read More