Classic Flavour

Naughty Little Kids chocolate flavoured gelato (without lighting) - 3000 × 2000

Stick With The Classics

We decided to go with five classic flavours for the launch of our goat’s milk gelato. Our aim was to create flavours that people will love using as many natural, Australian grown ingredients as possible. Try all five and pick your favourite.

Naughty Little Kids chocolate flavoured gelato (without lighting)

This chocolate is for the serious addict. It is a dark chocolate gelato with a hint of fudge. This was our favourite flavour to taste test. Trust me when I say that it took a lot of taste testing before we were happy with the recipe.

Naughty Little Kids coffee flavoured gelato (without lighting)


We designed this coffee to be subtle. Through a lot of trial and error we developed a coffee gelato that is not bitter, is refreshing, and most importantly, it is equally well received by coffee lovers and everyone else.

Naughty Little Kids chocolate chip mint flavoured gelato (without lighting)

If you like anything mint, then you will love our Mint gelato. We flavour the gelato by steeping mint leaves in hot milk to draw the flavour out. This gives our gelato a fresh taste that is hard to beat.

Naughty Little Kids strawberry flavoured gelato (without lighting)

To make this gelato we first make a runny jam using real strawberries. We then fold the jam through the gelato mixture which gives it a natural red colour and a delicious strawberry flavour.

Naughty Little Kids vanilla flavoured gelato (without lighting)

The all time classic flavour. Vanilla is a favourite of many people and we did not want to dissapoint. This was our toughest flavour to get right but we feel that the proof is in the pudding, err, gelato.