We have accreditation!

Chips with gelato toppings

After a lengthy application process, we have been awarded accreditation to produce milk (our dairy) and to process milk (our factory).

The dairy industry in Australia is regulated by the Food Standards Code. This was developed by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). Although the code covers all of Australia, each state oversees that the code is being followed in their own state.

In Queensland this job is given to Safe Food Production Queensland (SFPQ), also known as Safe Food Queensland.

To receive accreditation we had to put a variety of procedures in place. For the farm/dairy we had to show how we treat sick animals, how we store the food for the animals, what tests we carry out on the milk and how often those tests will be performed. All of this, and more, is in our Farm Quality Manual that we use to maintain our herd’s health and the quality of milk that they produce.

For the factory we developed a Food Safety Plan. This plan outlines the hazards we might come across and how we will check for them and remove the product if it does not meet our criteria. It also details our maintenace, cleaning, staff training, and many more procedures designed to ensure that we consistently deliver a safe, quality product every time.