Where To Buy

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Here is the list of places where you can purchase our gelati.
If these outlets are too far away from you, let us know where you would like to be able to buy our gelato in South East Queensland.

Scenic Rim

Rockalicious Ice Cream Cafe
Our gelati is available in pre-packaged tubs for anyone in the group that has an allergy but still wants to join in with everyone else having a frozen dessert.
Address: 29 High St, Boonah, Queensland 4306

Oppy’s Fruit & Veg in Boonah
Both our gelati and cheese are available at Oppy’s.
Address: 10 Railway St, Boonah, Queensland 4310

Scenic Rim Fruit & Veg
Our gelati and a selection of cheeses are available at this wonderful store located in Kalbar. These guys have an amazing variety of products for sale and have a barista ready to make you a coffee, as well.
Address: 59 George Street, Kalbar, Queensland 4309